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Ep #025: Farming, Sustainability, and Planning with Artem Milinchuk Thumbnail

Ep #025: Farming, Sustainability, and Planning with Artem Milinchuk

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, today’s guest experienced the tumultuous time of the Soviet Union transitioning into a market economy. Artem Milinchuk, Chief Economist at Farm Together, joins us on the show to share his experience with a communist/socialist economy and the collapse of the Soviet Union. He opens up about how immigrating to North America changed him and his family.

Listen in as Artem discusses the important lessons he learned from his family while growing up in Russia, as well as his immigration to Canada and then to the United States. You’ll learn how he eventually got into the farm industry and why he is so passionate about creating more opportunities to invest in farmland and sustainable farming. He also shares great insight on investing, diversification, and managing money in a way that keeps different future options in mind.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • What it was like as a child growing up in Moscow during the Soviet Union Collapse.
  • How he learned the value of sustainability and a protected source of income or savings.
  • The importance of planning for the worst case scenario.
  • What people don’t realize about financial planning.
  • How he got into the farming industry and what Farm Together is all about.
  • How the “average Joe” can invest in farmland.
  • Why he thinks every American should own some farmland.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I saw how critical it was to have self-sustainability - There was a period in my family’s life that we survived literally on the potatoes that my grandparents would grow on those little plots of lands that the government would give to you." - Artem Milinchuk

“I didn’t know if people were wealthy or not because you had money, you couldn’t buy anything anyway." - Artem Milinchuk

“It’s important to plan for the worst case scenario at all times." -  Artem Milinchuk

Resources In Today's Episode:

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