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Ep #028: The Evolution of Success with Andrew Christodoulides Thumbnail

Ep #028: The Evolution of Success with Andrew Christodoulides

Andrew Christodoulides is the founder of WeLivv, a retail and content website that aims to create a more intuitive online shopping experience in the home goods market. After his parents arrived in the United States with only $100 to their name, Andrew grew up as a second-generation immigrant, and he joins the show to share how his experience shaped him into who he is today.

Listen in as he discusses how his definition of success has changed throughout his journey, from working at a young age until now. You'll hear the important lessons Andrew learned from his parents and their bosses over the years, as well as what his company is all about, the revenue model they use, and how they use crowdfunding to raise money.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Andrew’s childhood and experience as a second-generation immigrant.
  • The importance of acquainting yourself with things that are important in your life.
  • What WeLivv is and how it works so well.
  • How their revenue model works and how they get paid.
  • Why the design community is so important.
  • How Andrew's definition of success has evolved over time.
  • Why he doesn’t recommend that people go “all in” like him.
  • How he uses crowdfunding.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I learned a lot from my parents about hard work." - Andrew Christodoulides

“I remember really from far back that I would watch my dad’s boss or bosses and want to be like them." - Andrew Christodoulides

“Today, and for the first time in my career, I’m working on something I truly love." -  Andrew Christodoulides

Resources In Today's Episode:

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