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Ep #031: Money Under the Mattress with Alexander Guastella Thumbnail

Ep #031: Money Under the Mattress with Alexander Guastella

Alexander Guastella is the founder of Quick’rCare, and has 12 years of healthcare tech and business development experience. He joins the show today to share his journey starting in health tech at a young age and finding his passion for providing simple solutions to patients, as well as how his upbringing as a second-generation Italian immigrant affected the way he handles money and goes about his career.

Listen in as Alex discusses the ups and downs of founding a business and how he came up with the idea to start this solution. You'll learn how the previous recession affected him, how he is planning for an unsure financial future, and why he thinks adversity brings out the best in people.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Alex's background and how his father instilled certain financial ideas in him from a young age.
  • Why adversity can actually be a blessing.
  • The impact the past recession had on Alex and his thoughts on the upcoming one.
  • What businesses should focus on when preparing for or going through a recession.
  • How Quick’rCare came about and what they do.
  • The upcoming changes in tech and the future of health support.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I want to live through the recession like I lived through the last one." - Alexander Guastella

“Does your product stand its ground during recession? That usually becomes the blockbuster when people are able to spend more. " - Alexander Guastella

“Businesses really do need to focus on how to retain employees during the recession." - Alexander Guastella

Resources In Today's Episode:

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