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Ep #039: Making Science Fun Again with Cindy Wu

Cindy Wu is the co-founder of Jelly, an online platform for all things science. A second-generation immigrant, she joins the show today to share her experience growing up and how she came to be the co-founder of two science-based businesses. 

Listen in as Cindy explains what gave her the idea to start a crowdfunding-based business with the intention of encouraging more people to come into science. You’ll learn the difference between income and equity, the two main principles her company cares about most, and why just having enough can sometimes make you the happiest.     

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Cindy's experience growing up as a second-generation immigrant.
  • How she got into science. 
  • What gave her the idea to start Experiment.
  • How she is hoping to change the way people see science. 
  • The two principles the co-founders of Jelly care most about. 
  • How just having enough can sometimes make you the happiest. 
  • Where Cindy sees herself in 20 years.  

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“When we think about who we serve, we really want to open up the pipeline for more people to come into science." - Cindy Wu

“Knowledge should be a public good." - Cindy Wu

“I like this spot of just having enough." - Cindy Wu

Resources In Today's Episode:

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