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Ep #043: Understanding Investing and the Value of a Dollar with EJ Oruche

EJ Oruche is a second-generation immigrant born in the Midwest. He joins the show today to share his story, including what it was like growing up a Midwest kid with Nigerian immigrant parents and how that affected the way he thinks about money. EJ also talks about his parents’ immigration challenges and his own challenges and triumphs relating to finance. 

Listen in as we discuss the lack of financial education, as well as how the resources and challenges have changed for immigrants over the past few decades. You'll learn how powerful it is to understand investing, why EJ is pursuing more and more resources for learning about it, and how the definition of success evolves over generations.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • What it was like for EJ growing up in the United States with immigrant parents.
  • How money is valued in his family.
  • The difficulties his parents had assimilating and integrating into U.S. culture.
  • How EJ learned about finance at a basic level.
  • Why he wishes he would have stayed with his parents longer. 
  • How financial advice and resources are evolving.
  • The power that comes with understanding investing.
  • How the definition of success evolves over generations.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“One thing my dad instilled in us was understanding the value of a dollar." - EJ Oruche

“If you want to be able to do something in this world, you have to be willing to get up and work." - EJ Oruche

“I wish I would have had the patience to stay with my parents." - EJ Oruche

Resources In Today's Episode:

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