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Ep #050: Transforming the Car Industry and Getting Political with George Arison Thumbnail

Ep #050: Transforming the Car Industry and Getting Political with George Arison

George Arison is the founder and Co-CEO of Shift, an online marketplace that is changing the car industry by transforming the experience of buying and selling a car. Previously, George co-founded Taxi Magic, the first on-demand mobile transportation booking technology. He has also dipped his toe into politics, helping his native country of Georgia transition to a democracy, and he joins the show today to share his story. 

Listen in as George explains how he learned about personal finance growing up as an immigrant, as well as how his company is trying to make the experience of car buying more enjoyable and fair for everyone. You will learn how buying a car can actually help your credit history, the importance of giving back to our communities, and more.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • George’s immigration story.
  • How he learned about personal finance. 
  • The way his company is changing the customer experience of buying a car. 
  • How buying a car helps your credit history. 
  • The importance of giving back to our communities. 
  • Why George has decided to get into politics.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“To me, being able to have my family is a really big part of my success." - George Arison

“Buying a car actually helps you build your credit history up." - George Arison

“I’m a very big believer that eventually we all need to give back to the community that we live in." - George Arison

Resources In Today's Episode:

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