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Ep #046: Identity and Security with Edwina Johnson Thumbnail

Ep #046: Identity and Security with Edwina Johnson

Originally from the UK, Edwina Johnson recently moved to New York City and is working as the COO of Alloy, an identity and risk management service for financial institutions. Edwina has a lot of experience in the tech startup realm, and she joins the show today to share her expertise in business and financial safety. You will also hear about her interesting visa status and how she has found her place as an immigrant in the United States.

Listen in as Edwina opens up about the various challenges she faced as she tried to get settled into life and business in her new home, as well as her less traditional route to getting a visa. You will learn what money means to her, how her view on money has changed over time, and what she has learned from her past financial decisions.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • How Edwina came to the United States.
  • Issues with credit and identity history when moving to the U.S.
  • How Edwina's definition of success has changed.
  • Her thoughts on security as an immigrant.
  • Her financial journey and what she has learned from past financial decisions.
  • The best things money has allowed her and her husband to do.
  • What changed her view on money and happiness.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Alloy appeals to me because the overall mission is to help people who are struggling to get access to financial services." - Edwina Johnson

“We give banks the ability to tap into more sources to find out if people actually are who they say they are." - Edwina Johnson

“I remember walking into work the day after a pay raise and realizing I was no bit happier to be in that company or in that role because of the money. That was a real shift in mindset and my view of success." - Edwina Johnson

Resources In Today's Episode:

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