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Get Personal Finance advice at a Student-Friendly Cost

Discover how the "MYRA Wealth for Students" program can help you manage your personal finances without breaking the bank. Current Students get 80% off, and Recent Graduates get 50% off our regular services.

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If you are a Current Student or Recent Graduate from one of these universities, you are automatically eligible! Don't see your university, email: Support@MyraWealth.com


Programs tailored for you today, and designed to grow as you do

Discover how "MYRA Wealth for Students" can help you better manage your personal finances without breaking the bank. It's simple. Select the program that fits you and apply today.

Current Student

  • One-Time Setup Fee: $599 (per person), or $999 (per family)
  • $100 Monthly Fee (ongoing)
  • Pay As You Go; No Annual Contract 
  • 80% off Regular Services (an annual savings of $4,800)

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Recent Graduate

  • One-Time Setup Fee: $599 (per person), or $999 (per family)
  • $250 Monthly Fee (ongoing)
  • Paid Upfront; No Annual Contract 
  • 50% off Regular Services (an annual savings of $3,000)


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Recent Graduates

For recent graduates, part-time, and executive students who are not accredited investors

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Falsely misrepresenting your eligibility for the Current Student or Recent Graduate discounts set out above may constitute a material breach of the Terms of Service and could result in the termination of your client agreement and/or the removal of any discount applied to your purchase. Further, you may be required to repay MYRA Wealth for any discounts received as a result of falsely misrepresenting your eligibility.

If you're eligible, you get:

  • Financial Planning - including basic planning, education planning, risk management & insurance planning, investment planning, tax planning, retirement savings & income planning, and estate planning
  • Investment Management - including portfolio selection, asset allocation, rebalancing and tax loss harvesting
  • Tax Preparation - including federal tax, state tax, FBAR, FACTA filings

Are you eligible? YES, if:

  • Your most recent full-time degree program was completed in the last five years 
  • You are not an accredited investor - your net worth is less than $1M, and you have earned less than $200K in income each year for the last 2 years (or $300K combined income if married)
  • You are a Part Time / Executive student, and do not meet the accredited investor definition

Setup Fee includes:

  • 1 Personal Financial Website
  • 1 Trad IRA Account
  • 1 Roth IRA Account
  • 1 Brokerage Account
  • 1 Will & Last Testament
  • 1 Living Will
  • 1 Power of Attorney
  • 1 Annual Credit Report
  • 1 Annual Tax Preparation

Not a current student or recent graduate? Check out MYRA Wealth's services here.