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Ep #032: Running a Successful Health Food Business with Loren Brill

Loren Brill is the CEO and founder of Sweet Loren’s, a first of its kind company that offers sweets and snacks with clean, whole-food ingredients. After growing up with entrepreneurial parents, Loren decided to become an entrepreneur herself. Today she joins the show to discuss how having a mother who encouraged her to fight for what she believed in helped her to become a strong business owner and how being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma changed her life forever.

Listen in as Loren shares what it was like starting up a business as a one-woman show, as well as what made her want to start a health food business. You'll learn how she aims to change the world, the light she sees at the end of the tunnel, and more. 

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Why Loren decided to take the entrepreneurial route.
  • Who inspired her to start her own business. 
  • How being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma changed her life forever.
  • Why she decided to start a health food business. 
  • What it was like starting up a business as a one-woman show. 
  • How Loren stays mindful and present. 
  • Why she wants to be a role model for other young women entrepreneurs. 

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Most of the packaged food out there is owned by only a handful of the largest food companies in the world, and at their core, their values are not clean ingredients or health and wellness… and yet they're winning. " - Loren Brill

“I really felt the effects of how food is so connected to our well-being, both physically and mentally." - Loren Brill

“The more women role models that we see, the more that becomes the normal. " - Loren Brill

Resources In Today's Episode:

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