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When Is It OK To Withdraw Money Early from Your 401K?

In general, it is not advisable to withdraw money early from your 401K. Some of our clients ask us if they should take an early distribution from their 401K when they move back to their home countries. The answer is still usually no because there are penalties and tax consequences of doing so. You can leave your 401K right where it is and benefit from it in retirement, wherever you are living in the world. However, in some cases, especially financial hardship or early retirement, an early withdrawal (or distribution) from your 401K may serve as a viable strategy.

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8 Ways To Get Extra Income While On An H1B Visa

While you are on an H1B visa, you can work only for your authorized employer specified on your I-129. However, there may be reasons that you want to generate additional income outside of your work. Most ways of generating additional income on an H1B visa are prohibited. However, there are a very few select ways that you can generate additional income outside of your H1B authorized job.

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Do Aliens Pay Taxes?

Resident aliens must report their worldwide income from all sources. Nonresident aliens are only required to pay income tax on any income that is earned or otherwise realized from a U.S. source.

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